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Amy has been in ministry for over ten years with people of all ages in the church. She will be ordained as a Deacon in Full Connection in the United Methodist Church next month. A deacon is a pastor ordained to serve the world through ministries of Word, Service, Justice, and Compassion. Amy has a passion for middle school and high school students, helping them to make connections to God and each other. She feels a deep calling to actively love people, as a primary way to love God.

Amy currently serves at a United Methodist church in the Midwest. Her hobbies include Big Ten sports (Boiler Up!), travelling, practicing yoga, and haphazard blogging. She writes about issues of ministry, adolescent culture, United Methodism, marriage, current events, and really anything that occurs to her before she falls asleep at night.

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  • Scandal
  • Project Runway
  • College Football Game Day

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  • Peace
  • Provision