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      Maryland Research Institute

      In July 2015, Renchuang Technology Group signed an agreement with the University of Maryland and registered the "Renchuang Research Institute for sustainable development" in the United States at the same time. The Institute is located in the Maryland International Incubator and Sino US science and Technology Park of the University of Maryland. Its main purpose is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation with first-class universities and research institutes, carry out research on silica sand resource utilization, modern rain and flood management, new material research and development and sustainable water resource management, and promote the international development of enterprises.

      Since its establishment, Renchuang Institute for sustainable development has established cooperative relations with the University of Maryland, Dake company, carboncure company, Mandarin environment, Trinkaus engineering company, etc., and has carried out "demonstration research on the application of new distributed silica sand rainwater storage and purification system" with Tarim Resource Recycling Co., Ltd, The initial overseas layout of Renchuang has been completed and initial results have been achieved.


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