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September 2015

Jimmy, Annie, Bono & Me

Recently I was completing a questionnaire and the final question was something like this, “What three celebrities (non-religious figures) would you like to emulate and why?” Now first, you should know the questionnaire was a small part of the evaluation… Continue Reading →

Sunday Sermon: The Power of Words

[James 1:18-22 and 3:3-12] Today marks the beginning of our new series, Transformed by…Words.  Transformed by Words.  Today we’ll talk about the power of words, their ability (like most things) to be used for good or harm, and over the… Continue Reading →

When Hope Is The Worst Word: A Post For Aylan

Earlier this week, pictures emerged of a small body on the seashore. A toddler, a cuddly three-year old, no different than the sweet pre-schoolers I greeted Tuesday on their first day at school. A small lifeless body, washed up on… Continue Reading →

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